Professional Guards - Profesionální Ochránci

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We offer the services of professional bodyguards and security escorts of persons and vehicles across The Czech republic and abroad. The security level is always dependent on the degree of threat and requirements of our clients.

Protection of important people is known from the beginning of human civilization. The first of "bodyguards", to which is well documented their existence, were members of Praetorian Guard in The Roman Empire. Their main duty was to stand in the imperial palace and to protect the emperor and members of his family. Knights in medieval Europe were also the ancestors of present bodyguards. They were extraordinary community of individuals in that society. The knight behaved bravely and selflessly, to lose honor was unthinkable for him. A really impressive predecessors of present bodyguards were samurais in Japan. Samurais were members of the previous Japanese aristocracy. Their morale placed emphasis on honor, heroism, contempt for death and absolute loyalty to their lords. Samurai was the guardian and the servant of his lord, even though he knew in advance that in the service dies.
Bodyguards are often the boundaries between life and death of guarded persons. Bodyguarding is a prestigious position and there is an absolute loyalty to the protected persons.

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